As long as she has a laptop she will be back. Can’t wait. Then one contacts the Warden and that’s the end of that too. Unfortunately, after a while the Rules do matter and prison isn’t weekend jail.

It won’t matter in prison who the prettiest girl is and who you don’t like. You ain’t their first cheerleader. Prison is prison and we all know Sherre didn’t make it through 180 days of weekend jail the last time.

THIS is the product of the menfolk. Sherre thinks being the prettiest is more important than being the smartest. Recently, it took only a small amount of time to have her blog removed. YOU CAN’T DO THAT. There are rules, I read them and they apply to me. They apply to other people too. Sherre got off time after time after time and maybe back there a while back something would have clicked but it didn’t. No one made her grow the hell up and stop drunk driving.

Her recent posts about “transvestites”, “fake” news and CNN, plus the recent interesting gun happy pictures and Satan soul selling encouragement from her little friends makes one begin to believe that Sherre could perhaps be leaning a bit Q Anon.

It is time Sherre pled and went to prison. This in between stuff isn’t “helping” her and the obvious mantras against gays, poor people, coupled with the guns is brazenly stupid, but if you’re the Sheriff’s little friend, it’s ok.

I don’t care if you like me. I don’t care what you think of my soul. I think people should be treated as equals under the law.

When did this kind of bullshit start? When religious people decided that “God gave them their money”.

If this is an example of your Christianity you can keep it.

Go to jail, slapping at you is just too damned easy and boring.

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Sherre commented on SHERRE JOHNSTON’S NEW BLOG DEBUTUh oh, didn’t last 24 hours. …You can’t take it, can you? You’re mad aren’t you?��
Don’t worry . It will be back. There is also a lot more to write . I’m just taking my time. I’m not obsessed with you, like you are me. I’ll write only when I’m “day drinking”.
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