These are the mugshots BEFORE the last DWI indictment, got off all charges every time.

on and on and on and on………………… friend’s son had to give up his driver’s license when he had three DWI’s, j

Thank you! You seem to think you know what “the people” want. You have been on a rampage of lies and mockery of anyone and everyone. You talk Ill of the dead. Of people that aren’t here to defemd themselves. People that you have never met. Trash like you aren’t even good enough to be crap on his shoe.
Well I’ve had enough of it . I finally have nothing to lose , nobody that I need to protect. I only tolerate cowardly bullies for so long, and then it’s on.
You have no idea about any my writing skills, education or anything else. Also, there a numerous people who want to help me expose you for the POS that you truly are. Bullies are always cowards.
Did you even pass the sixth grade? I doubt it.
Did you go to college? Did you get a “blow job “ degree? Or a “I’m going to trap a lawyer with a pregnancy and then completely destroy the boy”
Oh , one more thing that I really want to know…..your constant redundant BS that you write about me for years now 🥱. Why can’t you come up with a new love interest ? Who am I having a affair with now? Inquiring minds stay up at night worrying about this.
Perhaps it’s Steve January 🤣. you tell me🤷‍♀️

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