This morning I received this well done poem straight to the point that everyone is bone tired of the entitled Sherre Whitney Johnston. who obviously makes friends everywhere she goes including rehab. Of course, that the author is a female is no surprise since it appears that every man with a badge is fair game, seems Sherre likes those uniforms and badges, she also likes getting off DWI’s via sexual favors from high officials. Wonder how Parnell’s going to get little Sherre off this time cause you know he’s going to try. Hello Charlotte aren’t you tired of Sherre’s special treatment? What happened to that shed burglary by the way????

Sherre set out for a great adventure.
she tore Mike images out of her pictures,
she scratched out names in all his letters.

Your mother shoulda told you she liked you 
But you turned your nose up to us in recovery
now I am clean and sober for over a year
How are you doing Sherre?

Sherre did not need counseling
Sherre did not need intervention
thats all for trashy folks
Hows your church working for you Sherre?
Will they be there when you go to Prison?

Come on Sherre, you can do it.
Come on Sherre, there’s nothin’ to it.
If you want somethin’ don’t ask for nothin,
You can be clean and sober!

It’s for your own good,
it’s for the neighborhood!

For years we caught your tears in a cup.
And now we’re gonna make you drink it.
Come on Sherre don’t die or dry up!

When daddy comes home you always start a fight,
so the neighbors can dance in the police disco lights.
The police disco lights.
Now the neighbors can dance!
Look at ’em dance


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