Yep that shed burgling drunk driving grave rolling menace from Lorena is back at it again. After getting OFF more DWI’s and other crazy things than we can keep up with, Miss Thang went quiet for a while, then WHAM, back to driving while having a drinkie. Miss Thang made fun of Harry a few months back and ridiculed Harry for living in a “trailer”, well, honey, you’re ass is going to be living in a jail cell and driving drunk is something I am just not stupid enough to do once much less as many times as you have.

Anyone think that ole Sheriff Par will get her off this one? Hmmmm. Maybe someone pushed that get out of jail card to the limit.

Yeah ole holier than thou drove drunk again. Anyone surprised? Someone didn’t learn their lesson, just another spoiled little girl that never grew up, well, baby, Orange is your new Black.


  1. I think she has Jesus but doesn’t let Him drive. Some deep seeded shit going on there. That said, she’s lucky she hasn’t had a terrible wreck. Thanks for reading.

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