Since the Sheriff and his brother’s children own just about all of Rock Creek Road, there are houses, empty houses, sheds, community center, and the mailboxes are yet on the other side of the road giving it all different addresses. Sheriff had to TRY to do this one, so wrong. So very wrong.

Okay, Sheriff is mad because his address got put on the internet, yet the address was put on the internet because he and Charlotte put it there. Hmmm. Is it a house, a home, a community center? Actually, the mailbox address is up there, not where he actually resides, which is commercial, all very confusing but when you own EVERYTHING in Bosqueville, it’s all ok.

THIS is what he and Charlotte posted a while back. Guess they changed their minds and want you to forget about the address, or at least use it to put me in jail. Use it to manipulate the Rangers and other members of the BROTHERHOOD when someone asks Par Baby the wrong questions.

IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR ADDRESS OUT THERE, my suggestion to you, and you might want to check with Bill Johnston, is to reconsider this.

In the grand scheme of things Parnell’s “address” would be a question for a jury.

Recon he showed Margaret Moore this? The Ranger he called to carry his water? How about Sheriff’s deputy Hitch?

Would someone get Eubanks to look up the law and read it?

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    1. It’s hysterical. They don’t understand that for some reason TP left it to the boys like a patchwork quit so they’d need eachother for life,
      one couldn’t sell without the other it’s so pieced up. It’s zoned commercial. They truly haven’t thought this out. Such a sneaky thing he did, shame he doesn’t realize the rest of the State is living in 2020 not 1950.

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