Earlier, this year, there must have been a terrible crime wave. Had to be.

Let’s see if we can put this together with Public Records from Travis County received yesterday.

The Harry Blog brought you a copy of a Pawn Ticket where Sheriff McNamara pawned $5K worth of guns right before a hailed trip to Switzerland. A family says that those were NOT his guns, that a woman, who fell in love with the Sheriff somehow slid them over to Par under the guise of him “appraising” the guns. This includes his gun safe in his office which you can’t miss it’s the size of a ship and he’s proud of it.

SO you have some questions, some evidence, people saying he took them, him saying SHE gave them to him, well, they belonged to her husband, she was wifey #2, and the guns should have gone to the son but, Par didn’t want that to happen, even after a confrontation. They have money so they just let Par have his way.

Doesn’t everyone?

Enter the Rangers. Ever talk to the Rangers? It’s difficult to talk to men who have to stuff their extra long penises into their uniforms every day, it’s not easy being them, they know sh*t you don’t and it’s one Ranger one Riot. Ok?

Well, earlier this year, it became one Ranger one old lady. Pitiful. At least Parnell had the heart to send a pretty good looking Ranger, “My Ranger Works Out” kind of Ranger, one Ranger Gary Phillips, Company F, stationed in Georgetown.

Enter strangely, the mention of one District Attorney at the time, Margaret Moore, strange, until you remember Margaret is about the same age as Parnell, went to Baylor and it’s pretty clear, Par pulled in a fave from a bud. Unfortunately, Margaret already had her own problems and lost her election by a landslide, new defund the police DA, and a Mexican guy, good luck Parnell on this one.

Next we have Sheriff’s deputy Keith McManus from Travis County who says he attended a “meeting” where they talked about the crime wave and what to do. Yep, Ranger, Deputy, DA, all in a hush hush over the crime wave.

In March of 2020, Parnell gets his deputy Detective Hitch to put it all together, then it goes to Ranger Phillips, a Travis County DA and Margaret Moore, plus Keith McManus of the Travis County Sheriff’s department.

Holy cow, there wasn’t a dead body but they certainly came together to stop the crime spree. The charge, “fraudulent use of ID”, that’s the pawn ticket with Par’s address that’s actually not his address but zoned commercial, guess they didn’t factor in that one, AND Retaliation.

Retaliaton. Hmm. Parnell McNamara, moves his brother’s dead or dying body, has strange gun dealings with people who say those aren’t his guns, and the Rangers get called in because Parnell doesn’t or can’t answer the questions so he is so EVIL he’ll just shut up the old lady who doesn’t even have a car.

MAD? I am just cranking it up. Never been so mad.

RETALIATION? Perhaps the Sheriff and the Rangers are retaliating against a Feazell, any Feazell?

Seems to me the Rangers are covering up for the Sheriff who should be investigated if anyone should. So much for the Texas Rangers Forensic Accounting reputation. Seems to me the Rangers ought to be investigating WHY Parnell won’t get to the Hefele murder. Seems to me that the Rangers are just letting Parnell do whatever he wants. Seems to me that Parnell has the wife of a Ranger working there, and guess that steady stream of money helps out in tough times.

Keith McManus, the Travis County deputy, contacts WORDPRESS, sends a SUBPOENA to them, and gets all the blog posts. WORDPRESS also tells them they took down the post in question and took no action against the writer.

SO, yes, the wheels of justice were turning, churning in fact as poor McManus is stuck having to read about Parnell’s adventures with Sherre, and listen to him singing “Play that funky music white boy”. Great.

In March, Vic Feazell calls McManus and leaves him a message”

“Bernadette Feazell did not live in Travis County, it was Williamson”

The next transmission on the Public Information Request is a few sentences from Keith McManus to the Ranger, almost chuckling, he wrote it very seriously, but you can hear it, “Case, UNFOUNDED, did not happen in Travis County”.

All that, a DA, Sheriff’s Deputy Hilt, Sheriff’s deputy Travis, McManus, Ranger Phillips, Margaret Moore AND another DA from Travis, bunch of fools who couldn’t figure out that the “crime of the century” didn’t happen in their county. Can we do a collective, “Duhhhhh” here?

Retaliation. Let’s visit that one. I have never met Parnell McNamara, never, ever. The man has always made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, to me, he is a full creeper, and I have NEVER met him, don’t have anything personal against him, and I think he is a terrible Sheriff, has gone through ethics erosion, and now is caught up in greed trying to cover up toys and what he’s done, and coming after me, well, it’s strange that he is seriously after me and yet the woman who burgles his tack shed walks free.

Let’s see what we can find on RETALIATION

What defines retaliation?Retaliation is an action an employer takes against an employee to punish him or her for engaging in a legally protected activity. Retaliation is also illegal.

All I see are the words, “to punish”, and that’s what this is.

The Rangers couldn’t do enough for Parnell. They took his Complaint and ran to the Travis County Sheriff’s department and the DA. So sloppy yet gun ho they didn’t even check jurisdiction.

Then they wonder, angrily, why one cannot help but laugh at them.

Parnell McNamara has gone over to the dark side. He has gone full evil. He has a lot to hide and isn’t going to answer any questions no matter how many people bring them.

The Rangers haven’t learned a thing from the Henry Lee Lucas days. They didn’t check to see if Henry was in three different states when they piled on another murder, they didn’t check to see if a 72 year old woman was in their county or not.

How much did this bullsh*t cost?

Parnell also is the one that has WORDPRESS on me as a writer, blogger, interfering with what’s left of Freedom of Speech.

Parnell McNamara lives in a place that isn’t a house, he is mad because his home address is on a pawn ticket, although it’s not his home, it’s zoned commercial, yes, they own it, but it’s used for other things. SO, it’s a very gray area unless you’re Parnell, then thanks to the brotherhood, it’s written in stone. Until a decent lawyer tears them up on another legal fk up.

Shame on the Sheriff’s department, all of you. Trying to shut up people who want a murderer found, the murderer of Lillie Hefele, this is what happens.

Now, let us revisit the law on Official Oppression, maybe Parnell can get someone to read it to him.

Would someone at the Sheriff’s department please grow a pair, get some glasses, read some law and tell Par baby that all those pics on his wife’s OPEN FACEBOOK PAGE of all the new toys might not be smart.

Oh, well, don’t worry about it, the Rangers are said to have the best Forensic Accountants and surely they realize Par’s new wealth and toys is ….

Oh, fk it.

There is the BROTHERHOOD, they all take up for eachother no matter what.


THIS is Ranger Gary Phillips he gladly jumped on a case of retaliation and unlawful use of an ID for Parnell. Sure, why not, it’s the BROTHERHOOD.

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