If you haven’t seen NETFLIX’S THE CONFESSION KILLER, you should, there are many ways to view it. As the head of the Texas Rangers, I’d be watching it with my head in my hands. Every time Bob Prince opens his mouth, it’s arrogant, and ugly. NONE of the Rangers in the NETFLIX series does one thing to show any remorse for the lives they ruined, the facts they didn’t read, or if they did, they didn’t care, and the good old boys brotherhood b.s. that you can tell they had then and now. WHY on earth the Head of DPS and the Rangers let these awful men/Rangers on the tv is way beyond me. Let’s put it this way, the Netflix series didn’t help quell the outcry against the Rangers in Dallas that culminated in the statue of a Ranger was removed this year from LOVE FIELD.

Vic Feazell is man enough to be wrong and admit it, freely. As one finds out facts, and is enlightened, unless one is a total ass, like the Rangers, changing a mind is refreshing.

Law Enforcement is not popular and will never be again when men like Bob Prince represent them.


In this segment Vic shows you the evidence that was ignored time after time by the Rangers, the cover ups and lies that the good ole boys still adhere to now.

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