If they can’t save an underage living princess from some nasty job replating shrimp or jacking off the local elite for Antioch and “Unbound” , which I, like many others thought was some law enforcement interagency “sting” thing, not the marching orders from a religious organization. Who the hell knew that one? That didn’t end well, the underage shrimp people over at the buffet kept trying to tell law enforcement, “Hey, I’m 26”, waving passports, but our guys who must think all Chinese people look alike which equates to all Chinese women look 14. So if you are a LIVE girl, we’re interested but a dead Mexican woman, not so much. Sorry but true. My friend, Lillie Hefele’s case could be solved but it isn’t, poor Vanessa Guillen and her family, they had to go endure being called “crazies” etc. by the powers that be in this State and others when their beautiful Vanessa went missing from Ft. Hood. They finally found her body and one would think our heroic law enforcement actually did something but that would be wrong. ABC’s 2-/20 will anger you and touch your heart. Anger you that this beautiful woman was taken out of the building where she was killed in a plastic tub on camera, missing for months, and the most heart wrenching figure is from Texas Equusearch Founder, Tim Miller.

Miller and his people did a much finer job than all of our law enforcement people put together and he did it without insulting the family and others which is what Texas Law Enforcement specializes in, if you think Law Enforcement is popular, it’s not.

Yes, the Legendary Texas Rangers get involved also, let’s just yawn and go on.

When you see this, you will be surprised, I was, I thought they only did a lousy job HERE, guess what, they’re pricks with badges everywhere.

MOTHERS have to put up with this crap from them and believe me, they don’t apologize when they’re wrong, look at Henry Lucas.

Vanessa Guillen, this is the saddest thing, Tim Miller’s face says it all.

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