A murder walks free among us, many of us are NOT SAFE because of what we know AND since the real killer/s are buds of ole Parnell we’re scared. WHY can’t this case be reopened? It can. Barry?

IT’s time.


Call the Waco DA’s office for justice 254 757-5084 Demand that the DA insist on the running of the DNA   

The case is a “Cold Case” in Ft. Worth where it has been totally forgotten for 40 years do to the fact that the Ft. Worth cops say it happened in Waco and the Waco cops say it happened in Ft. Worth. Due to new evidence it would appear beyond question she was murdered, shot twice at least by a high powered shotgun IN WACO, then driven to Ft. Worth.  She was murdered in 1980 and we believe her murderer still walks among us and we hope that with enough signatures we can get our District Attorney, Barry Johnson in Waco to DEMAND that the DNA be run immediately. Please sign this petition and call the DA. This 90 pound woman was shot in half for $350K and her murderer is still here. Please share with everyone.


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