Parnell thinks it’s him, it’s not. The Chief law enforcement officer in this county is Barry Johson, not Parnell McNamara, now this may come as a terrible shock to some but it is true.

Here’s why. In Texas most counties have a County Attorney AND a District Attorney, only TWO counties have a CRIMINAL DISTRICT ATTORNEY, and one of those is McLennan County, no county attorney, just the one, this IS the way it is, sorry Par.

Dear Barry Johnson,

Please call the DPS lab and ask them IF they indeed HAVE the DNA from the CIGAR and other things found at the crime scene. Those of us unfortunates who were and are witnesses, have NOT been contacted, and are somewhat scared that the killer is still free.

Since many of us have been told WHO the killer is by his accomplice, we believe that taking your sweet time is a bit fool hardy. Since WE are telling you who did it, and you know him, hell, the entire town does, then WHY isn’t this case being worked?

The nasty big cigar hanging out of the mouth of one fat old man on KWTX recently, obviously showing off the cigar and thumbing his nose at everyone who knows what’s up, is PROBABLE CAUSE to get this case reopened, since the CIGAR that contains the nasty DNA certainly appears to be the same kind forty years later.

There are people in danger for bringing this case to light, I am one, and there are many others.

THIS SHOULD BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION and a full investigation should be opened NOW, here and the passage of time, months and months should tell you that what the witnesses are telling you, IS TRUE.

REOPEN THE LILLY HEFELE CASE, please, people are in danger, we have no law enforcement interested because THEY KNOW WHO DID IT and have been protecting him for forty years.

PLEASE have someone contact me and the others who are waiting for DNA that probably hasn’t moved in four decades to be run. YES, familial DNA takes time, however, we believe it’s NOT AT DPS, it’s just sitting where it’s always been, Ft. Worth where it will sit forever if something isn’t done.

I have a list of witnesses, I have interviewed many people and have nowhere to give the information, because I am scared to death of the Sheriff’s department, who came after me but won’t run DNA in a murder.


Bernadette Feazell

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