You know you can’t make this sh*t up, right?


Reporting Officer K. Phillips who took the call below in 2015 should start writing TRUE CRIME as the offense report on this thing is something you just can’t put down on oh, so many levels.

Briefly, Jay Justice, who I actually like and hoped this day would never come but it has, and, of course, he’s never held an AR-15 to my neck which is what he was doing to two black kids under that age of 15 who came to visit his daughter one fine night. Officer K Phillips handles the screaming of racial slurs and obscenities in an offense report worth COMEDY TONGUE IN CHEEK CENTRAL. I included it at the bottom. Enjoy.

What have we got here in a nutshell? We have a man who held an AR-15 to two black juvies, offense report etc. follows, the guy is on probation for it and the prosecutor asked for a hate crime, that said, he is now selling black lives matters face masks and the town has blown up angry, with interest from the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, and other online sites not to mention the mother of the victim and the victim who isn’t 14 anymore.

Here goes. Keep in mind this is real.

10-18-15 Incident #15-12715 (Synopsis)

Home owner Jay Justice found 2 teenage boys, late at night, around his vehicle with tools inside. Justice used threats & a deadly weapon to apprehend the boys as they fled from him. Later information came in that contradicts Mr. Justice’s accounts.  New information could show that Mr. Justice was using deadly weapon on 2 minority teenagers because they were with his daughter in the front yard. Case submitted to CID.




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