See your attorney general, see him smirk when asked questions because he’s the smartest one in the room, well, Trump isn’t there so he is.

Bully Boy Bill Barr is America's Ultimate Chaos Agent

THIS is what we have become. A Nation of people who just don’t have to answer a damned thing. Nothing. Nada. This fool will sidestep, lie, grin, and take a few prostate breaks to just stone walling the questions. WHY, because what these people are doing is wrong and what they are doing by NOT answering legitimate questions is worse.

Yes, or no? If you are a Defendant anywhere, just try what this fool has done, TRY not answering the question after they tell you to answer it “Yes” or “No”, the Judge will tap dance all over you in REAL life.

In real life, YOU have to answer for your behavior. Don’t you? Well, these fools don’t have to and this total disrespect for everything has leaked over into all facets of our existence, from the President, all the way down to a JP, Pete Peterson who can’t get the location of an ex US Marshall’s death’s correct, because he wasn’t there.

Bullshit and lies. They work for us, they spend our money, they answer to no one.

Nothing like invincibility to go along with it.

The people in WATERGATE were better and more patriotic than this bunch.



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