NETFLIX steps up to solve the cases. Coming soon, to Centerville, Texas, your new worst enemy, NETFLIX. NETFLIX, plus something new, a climate that isn’t all trusting of the good ole boy system, which seems to have gone batsh*t crazy in Centerville, cops that simply don’t care, incredibly stupid cops first on the scene, a totally “non curious” town, where people are dropping like flies from “suicide”, oh, hell no, this has Marlin beat by seven bodies.

NETFLIX also isn’t stupid, it knows it has an entire bloody body filled birds nest on the ground, and now, the statue of the Texas Ranger at Love field is down, and law enforcement is not very popular anymore.

The son of Janice Wilhelm,  and his sister have been trying to get SOMEONE out there to put together what already exists, a CASE. A CRIMINAL CASE. A criminal case exists and there’s just no one that cares. Nope. NINE people I’m up to in this incredible read even for a Wacoan, are dead by suicide so far.

Well, enter the dragon, NETFLIX with a very bored, quarantined public, and “The Confession Killer” as NETFLIX’s 20th BEST RATED Of all TIME.

There are two, 2, new books coming out about the Rangers and THE CONFESSION KILLER certainly didn’t do anything FOR the Rangers, Ranger Bob Prince and Phil Ryan both look like someone’s old fat grandpa, all red faced and still angry at THEIR mess up. The RANGERS still let them get up there and blab and look like total fools on NETFLIX about Henry Lucas in the documentary.

The Rangers are like little boys, they have an answer for everything.

That said, have a look at TRUE CRIME DAILY on YOUTUBE with me and visit the unlikely suicide of Janice Wilhelm, and a city that goes crazy with greed over oil and gas and mineral rights which are currently not worth anything but no one minded killing for it and the cops are disgraceful.

Bored? Come on.

Part 1


This is part one, of a three part series, I am crazy over Pt. 2, the recapture the past thing with a new husband. When will the kids learn NOT to let their widowed parental units out of the house alone? Shades of Anna Nicole gone Centerville.



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