In defense of Seth Sutton who we can’t help but believe is guilty of felony stupid so far (okay, we’re having trouble with the money exchanging hands), that said, THIS is a photo from a calendar a motorcycle club made and sold for Charity. It’s a good thing, it’s not a good thing depends on how you look at it and how it is used against you.


Jezus Christonacupcake you’d think he’d have a lawyer by now and that lawyer would tell him and his little dumb*ss friends to take down the absolutely idiot Facebook sh*t.

Guess “if you point anything at anyone, be ready to pull the trigger# was from the phase where he was still doing DIY stuff, and  not hiring it done. (DIY is do it yourself)

Hey, where’s the sexy pose from his white ice cream mototorcycle machine? Must have borrowed this one from Jerry Dyer before his last wreck.

Can you make a case FOR them on your FACEBOOK?

Oh, hell yes, this is getting dumber by the minute.








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