Two idiot lawyers in Waco give an undercover cop a “timeline” of events that are to happen with NO MONEY, a shi**y gun, and “help to get you out of the country”.

They gave the hitman a “Timeline” uh oh

Oh shit! - 9GAG

Like the cycle of the chicada bugs this year, every ten or so years seemingly normal people just fritz out here like Faith Hill’s character in Stepford Wives II, mate and die.

These two, if true, give Defense Lawyers a really bad name. PLUS, I’d rather have glass in my eye than be these two or anyone for that matter having to face Judge Matt Johnson, he is the right arm of a very Angry and Avenging God above, and must have a prostate the size of an egg.


Will they make bail? Will anyone bail them out? Will Law and Order find this just way to easy to solve and not send anyone down with Nancy Grace?


As usual we will feel totally sorry for everyone involved in any portion of what we laughing call our Waco Justice System, however, if these two don’t know it sucks who the hell does, so let us have a moment of truth for the wives, ex wives, children, husband, parents and friends of these really fked up folks who probably are just on some big drug binge or in love, both of which can cause a man or woman to go nuts and think he’s invincible.

You don’t want to mess up legally here, ask any lawyer in the State of Texas.

The hit man was an under cover cop. christonacupcake.


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