When this happened, I could see him breathing deep, on tv. They ran his arrest every 18 minutes for three days. The FBI made Greg, my mother, and I sit in front of the tv for four hours or more. As I watched him “breathe deep”, so did I, on the sofa with my four year old and 72 year old mom. I self comforted and could hear the blood go down my body and up the other side, I could feel myself and I was prepared, just like he was.

They had a Cessna flying above our house for hours and excited reporters everywhere.

FBI agents took Greg Feazell and his mom, me out of The Kettle, remember that place? Greg loved their pancakes and we went there to eat that morning. Vic put on his red tie and went to work, several K cars pulled in behind him as he made his way to the Courthouse, so, he knew. I knew and went on as usual.

When the FBI made us sit down and turned on the tv, Greg saw is dad being arrested on every station. I turned it off and he threw a fit wanting to know what happened to his dad. I turned it on. I turned it off. I breathed.

I look back at the times he and I were together in the bathroom of our house on Lake Jackson, we had the heater fan on even in the summer in case they had the house bugged so we could talk.

So, if you’re waiting for the police at the HEB over on Wooded Acres seems you have cleaned out the shelves day drinking, this could be your training film.

This man was looking at EIGHTY CALENDAR YEARS. 80.

Recently, he endured the death of his only child.

I remember this day and a flood of emotion is overwhelming me, and Harry.

I think I shall go breathe.




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