An expendable Mexican woman was murdered by more than one McLennan County resident. She was expendable because she was the “insured”, her husband the gambling addict, Gerry Hefele, twenty years younger than Lillie, insured her for $350K. WHY? Because, according to him, telling me, 40 years ago in person, JohnnyAsh had murdered her for monies that Hefele owed to Ash. It’s not like everyone and their dog here don’t know the name Johnny Ash and connect it with gambling. Get real. Even Father Deering got caught up in a gambling event near West along with Steve Kazanas and a whole ton of other Waco notables years ago. The police involved were Ronnie Rigney and Joe Cindrosky.  They knew the truth about this case their whole lives. Now, they too are gone.  Having Ash’s name connected with Robinson doesn’t necessarily  “clean him up” and if I were Robinson, I’d be pissed.

Johnny Ash has gone on to become the sacred cow of Sheriff McNamara, by contributing to his campaign and being “second” only to Clifton Robinson on the invitation.

Four or so months ago Barry Johnson told me that the “Cold Case Squad” was “running the DNA”, that has been told to Paul Gately at KWTX also, and I can pretty well assure you that this is total bullsh*t.

#1 It doesn’t take that long. Get real. They already ran the DNA through CODUS and got no hits. Ash has NEVER been arrested btw so no surprise there.

#2 No one wants to snap on the fact that the CIGAR that was found and the subject of DNA testing is the same brand that Ash still smokes. Because our officials are enjoying Ash’s very economical contribution they seem ignorant to the fact that one can send off a sample to 23andME and find out your sister’s your cousin within six weeks. THIS has been much longer.

#3. Barry Johnson also knows that Ash and others have quasi threatened people. Including me. In writing.

#4. Sheriff says Hefele wasn’t killed HERE. Realliy? Did she drive herself to Ft. Worth shot in half TWICE???? No blood in the car?

#5. Johnny Ash is Sheriff McNamara’s friend, he is friends with people who know the DA, he is friends with just about everyone and whatever he does is just fine. Anyone else would be shunned but for a piddly $1,000 contribution, he gets his ass kissed and doesn’t seem to even BE QUESTIONED by the newspaper, the DA, or the Sheriff.

#6. DIY. I’ve been threatened by Johnny Ash, maybe you have too. I have a gun now and would like to thank Sheriff McNamara for helping me decide on gun ownership after 72 years of not having one.

#7. If anything happens to me, take a look at Johnny Ash, after all, he WROTE me a threat, sure he’s too fat and too ill to DYI, but, that has never stopped him. Ask the Morales family.


Episode 48: Cold Case of Lillie Hefele, The Reid Interrogation Technique & Houston Police Officer …

Episode 48: Cold Case of Lillie Hefele, The Reid Interrogation Technique & Houston Police Officer Gerald Goines. From: The Vic Feazell Show.





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