How I loved and admired him

I adored him. When Greg Feazell went to work for Vic Feazell in Waco, Vic still lived in Austin but none of us worried about Greg because Truman, he was at the office every day up Sherre’s skirt, she worked there too, we, Vic and I thought Truman would be a good influence on Greg.

After all Truman knew Greg his WHOLE LIFE, held him as an infant, I remember little four year old Greg running around “Twuman’s” office. He adored Truman

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We all loved Truman AND JUDY, and Jason, in fact Jason used to play with Greg at Truman’s house but once Sherre got herself in there, nothing meant more to Truman than that fine married woman. NOTHING. Not people who had loved him over 20 years.

Greg wound up in jail, most everyone was totally hacked off, we couldn’t keep him off drugs and sure enough, he wound up in jail in Waco.

I happened to go see Greg one day AFTER his BFF Truman had been there to visit.

Greg was crying and spurting and angry and almost in a suicidal state.

Seems Truman had just been there right before me.

He said he was there “because Vic was too ashamed to go visit you, so your dad sent me. YOU are nothing but a disappointment to your parents, your father hates you and doesn’t want you around none of us do, we all hate you and hope you stay in jail forever. Your dad will never come see you he hates and is ashamed of you so he sent me, if your dad gets his way with Abel you’ll go to prison for 10 years.”


WELL, needless to say, that didn’t help things between me and Vic. Greg got out of jail and went back to Mexico where he ultimately died.

Now, after hashing things out with Vic. No, the reconciliation was not easy, many questions were answered on BOTH SIDES. I owed him the truth and apologizes as he told me what or why he did things I didn’t know.

He also told me a story.

The Law Office of Vic Feazell is cameraed up the butt.  While Vic still lived in Austin, he glanced at his video feed from his office on Waco Drive, and there was our Greg, strung out on who knows what, falling around, knocked over a crystal bowl, table, and couldn’t walk. Vic was angry of course but worried so he called his Best Friend in the Entire World, Buddy Truman.

“Please go check on Greg, I think he’s in trouble, he’s at the of office  I am worried sick”,.

Truman, the best buddy friend employee, caring father himself and dedicated to help getting Greg drug free, drove to the office.

Vic could see him from the cameras as he drove up, peered through windows, went in and searched came back out and walked around the building.

There in the back, down below was yet another camera, Simons didn’t realize was there, Truman came around the side and stopped momentarily, and kicked something with his foot, like kicking something out of the way, kicked it hard.

Truman then got in his truck and called Vic, “He’s not here”, he said.

Vic then saw Greg’s leg, Truman had kicked him, kicked him hard and left him there to die.

Vic called the ambulance and they went and picked Greg up and took him to the E.R to save his life yet again.

Soon after that Vic fired Truman.

With Greg in Mexico and me believing Vic just wanted Greg out of the way, I began my war.

Nobody much cared either, no one tried to tell me the truth or the reasons they did the sometimes dumbass things they did.

Until the day that call came. The one you hear about and pray it doesn’t come to you.

Greg is dead.

Once upon a time on September 10th., 1982 I cried like a child with my best friend ever, the father of a very hairy big ole boy, I cried and cried and can still my arms around the man I adored, Vic Feazell.

The man I ultimately believed got rid of me and didn’t mind getting rid of Greg either according to one Truman Simons.

I was wrong.

I was wrong.

I was very wrong.

Truman Simons kicked my passed out drugged out son’s leg and left him to die.

What a buddy.

So Truman dear, it’s on.

You know that Christianity you spout, well, I don’t think so.

Shame on you, I know what you did. Now everyone does.

You kicked a boy and left him to die.


B and all my friends, all of them


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