Give me  ride on your big scooter and I’ll show you my tits

Felipe and Sherre

This is true, the 911 tape actually disappeared, well, but not before SOMEONE got it and held on to it prior to its disappearance from pressure from Parnellgod and his angel baby Sherre. Hmmm. Can you make your records disappear?

Sherre’s Christian Cousin, Taylor wrote me this yesterday.

The 911 tape is public record. It never has been a big secret. Sherre has it pulled and asked the chief to listen to it the very next day. You are such an idiot. Nobody has ever cared about the 911 call but you ….yawnOh and perhaps the also crazy lunatic Susan Istre, who fed you a ton of outrageous lies, until she finally realized what a very “sick woman” she had gotten herself involved with

Poor Susan Istre sitting in the Emergency Room while the love of her life of 20 years lay dead in another room. They present her Mike’s phone, she’s already more than heart broken and she clicks on Mike’s phone only to see naked photos of Sherre Johnston in all her glory.
Nice way to find out your newly dead Love has been shacked up with the Fire Chief’s wife.

So you call Susan Istre, a schoolteacher with a sterling record a “lunatic”, hmmm wonder how many pu**y pictures she’s sent out…………none.

I didn’t know married Christian women sent out nude photos of themselves, hmmm, guess I missed that one in Bible Class. You have very nice Christian tits btw.





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