Well, shit, my apologizes to your cousin and you from my stinky, transvestite, ungodly, lousy vaginaed self.  You won. The cooching the xanax case fell right out of existence just like everything else. We all think it’s your b.j. but whatever it is, justice for the rest of us surely is just not the same as for you.

So, now you and your lover boy Parnell can whoop it up together, no one has run against him, and you’re as free as the driven snow.

For the rest of us, perhaps it’s going to have to be a Christmas where we all decide to start looking at those Walmart gun prices as it seems that for the rest of us, we are all just going to have to be on our own from now on. No cops to trust, no Sheriff’s people to trust, no Waco PD to trust, no lawyers, no Rangers either.

Welcome to you’re on your own and it’s just fucking time to give up folks.

Love your kids and your cats, nothing else matters here, truly.

Protect yourself expect to be fucked over by any and everyone in authority.

Also know everything’s a lie.

I tried.



  1. The only liar is YOU! Nobody believes for one second that you’re done lying and harassing people. Keep it up, why stop being a lunatic now? You have never let the truth stop you before .

    1. Liar? I never cheated on my husband, never brought my shack blow job man, Truman around my kids either. You have a strange sense of religion and justice. The truth is Sherre broke up Judy and Truman, period, she also made a fool of a very good husband so go fuck yourself.

    2. My blog is read by over 500,000 people, people from Finland to China know Sherre Johnson trades sex to get out of jail free. They all know she sucks off the Mc Brothers and others in uniform.

      1. Was Judy Simons psycho? I think she deserved better, you think it’s about me. You love Truman and Sherre, fine. I saw Judy break down when she found out. I saw Judy fall apart and cry, broken hearted. What about Judy, she’s not me, what did she do that was sooooo terrible that Sherre and Truman humiliated her in front of the entire city. Let’s talk about John Johnston. A really good husband and father. Sherre’s spreading her legs to the Marshalls and Truman, you realize that is highly castrating for any man. After Mike Mc died poor John demoted himself because he had to console and stay with Sherre. What about the spouses? I mean, I get you’re Christian and all that and you hate me, but what about John? What about Judy? Disposable? Humiliated long before my blog. I may be nuts but I never, ever cheated on Vic. I think it’s wrong no matter what kind of bullshit story Truman had. WRONG.

      2. You make it too easy to ridicule you so I am bored, Sherre has NO sense of humor and can’t laugh at herself so she is easy pickins to ridicule. I get that you’re her cousin but manipulating your Christianity and taking up for Truman is just his modus operendi I used to take up for him too. I liked Judy, I don’t approve, whatever you think is cool, fine. You can stop writing me because you are too easy to fuck with and I am bored with you. Your shit will no longer be posted. You have no sense of humor and to think that anyone should cheat for any reason is total bullshit. I may be psycho but you, my dear are a hypocrite.

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