Unfortunately, people in your office sometimes do bad and just stupid things, problem is you are ultimately responsible.
Poor Aubrey Richardson found that out when he ran into the office of his boss, Vic Feazell with a retainer from a new client, Sherre Johnston.  Yes, he had no clue.
Oh, happy days.
Thank you all for the ass beating I have taken at the hands of Sherre Johnston today who has more lives than a cat.
I am humbled and Justice, well, once again justice in McLennan County is fucked flat.
My suggestion to you all, and this is serious.
It’s time to buy a gun.
There is no law here.
None. No matter who it would seem.
Gawddamnit all of you.

Sherre said to tell you to ask Vic about it. His office handled it. (LOL)
She has a dismissal copy, but she said she’s not sending you anything. She said you can just keep on doing what you’re doing …..dumbass!



Parnell is definitely laughing at your crazy ass. You totally failed pathetically, trying to expose
Thank you! You are helping her lawsuit against KWTX. Please keep writing (LOL) you are such an idiot and so arrogant that you can’t see it. YOU LOST. People like you always ultimately lose. You lost the husband, the son, respect. All you have is everyone’s disdain for you. Waco has had a lot of crazies, but you are definitely in the top 3.

This is her cousin. You are an idiot. She’s busy with her family. I will be sure that you get the dismissal. The police report does not say anything about panties. You’re a desperate liar. Nobody is taking your shit anymore. Several people will be contributing to a blog all about pathetic you. It will be fun. It’s fun making you so crazy that you keep responding like the lunatic that you are. We can’t wait to show the pics we have of you .LOL.
You are the only coward here. Hiding behind your little phone.
I know Sherre will be glad to meet you, anywhere, anytime
You replied to this comme

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