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He was no angel but in his hometown, he found his drug of choice, his drug of death, heroin, just drive down Waco Drive and take a right into the park, you can die a few years later too without anyone caring.

Over in East Waco there’s a park, you can’t miss it there’s children’s playground toys, lots of cars with people sitting in them and a vacant police vehicle that supposedly has cameras and is supposed to be a big deterrent to the Heroin and drug trade on the East Side.

The anti drug joke vehicle is parked right there and without it I couldn’t have found the park to go look for Greg so thank goodness it’s quite the Heroin Landmark.

We’re all busy saving young girls from trafficking, that’s sexy, nothing like some old man saving the young oriental princess from the hoardes of horney barbecue joint owners and choir directors. Now THAT has appeal.

A dead heroin user, who cares. Another one off the street.  He asked for it. One less, right?

Well, I care, I care that I can drive right on over there not see a one fucking Waco cop all the way down Waco Drive, pull right in to the Park day or not and score whatever black tar shit I want.

No problem.

Parnell and his press people etc. are now going after “Gangs”, interesting because the Sheriff and his department are their own “Gang”, so is the idiot Waco PD who allow it to flourish and don’t give a damn whatsoever. Besides they’re all such fat fks they could not outrun or catch a dealer if they had to. Lazy, fat, stupid, horney, and waiting for retirement.

So let us continue to rescue Oriental Virgins who are being mistreated and break up some gangs, be they Bikers or Messican, who cares. Good press saving virgins, dead heroin addicts of a flourishing heroin business just down the way. No problem.

Congratulations to Sheriff Parnell who moved his dead brother, got blackmailed by the mutual girlfriend of both him and his brother, Sherre Johnston, cost the county millions, has the ego of ten thousand and it’s business as usual saving virgins from foreign places.

While the businessmen make their money off the backs of the poor with their gambling and eight liners, where innocent stupid women sign insurance policies not knowing their husbands are in too deep with Johnny Ash and the others and the beat goes on.

Dead girl in a hot tub? No problem, dead young man in Mexico dead from Heroin, so what, good riddance.

Look around people,  no one even had the heart, balls, or gonads to run against this clown.

Shame on anyone that calls himself  “man”in this entire fucked up place.

You think it won’t happen to you. IT can, as long as ego wears a badge.

Fuck you Waco Pd, Fuck you Sheriff’s department and Fuck you money making court ordered bullshit rehabs.




  1. I am not blaming it on everyone are you nuts? HE was a drug addict, he became a heroin addict in Waco. Write a blog go for it I don’t care one bit. My son with Vic, our only son is dead, died of a heroin overdose, if I can’t mourn the loss of a child we made in love and lost forever then I am not human. Write your blog, Vic is human, we have spoken for the first time in about 13 years, we cry about the loss of our son. Guess you’re a big Christian too. Do whatever you need to do to feel relevant.

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