Truman Simons, the big man knew Greg since he was an infant, put on a big show of love until the lure of another woman and l-o-v-e got him, another slave to pu**y with no sense.  No heart and only the urge to punish and control. He even went to see poor G in jail to chew on him some more while Greg was a captive of the county. What a prince.

Greg worked at the law office of his dad, Vic Feazell. Vic was rarely there are hs lived in Austin. This left Greg Feazell alone in the office with the two lovers, Truman and Sherre.

Every day, Greg would come home angry with me because I didn’t believe David didn’t do the crime because every day Truman and Sherre indoctrinated him about how David did do it and that I, his mother, was a “whore”, a “liar”, and of course my personal favorite “Crazy”.

When Sherre was trying to find information on her real mother, as I am also adopted, she came to me and I helped her. Now she finds that I am evil and back then she was just “impressionable” and didn’t really like me even then. So she used me to help her with information about her real mother, Mildred Rosen, who I was friends with for over 30 years and who was twice the woman Sherre is. Sherre, of course, has written me, screamed at me, threatened me in a veiled way because, after all her law enforcement boy friends tell her just how to do it without it REALLLLY being against the law. She likes the boys in uniform and heaven knows they like all women and don’t mind passing them around. All for one, right?

Greg came home to me and would cry and not want to go back because some afternoons the whole after noon was spent on telling him what a sorry bitch his mother was and how stupid he was for staying with me.

Day after day, month after month, year after year this went on.

When Greg got on heroin……………..they all knew, they knew before I did. Sherre railed Greg constantly which was convenient since at that time Sherre’s own daughter was also a heroin addict buying her “fix” at the same park as Greg.

But see, they are God People, they believe in God, they go to church and poor ole dead Greg, we get what we deserve because we’re not the same kind of God people as Truman and Vic.

Well, let me tell you Truman Simons, you had your hand in this. Yes, we all did but yours was right up in there. Remember when YOU went to see Greg in jail. HE was captive to listen to your bullshit and there you were cheating on your wife with another man’s wife, oh, so godlike.

Sherre, ain’t nuthin like an old whore who doesn’t realize it. You’re old, you have joined the over 50 and these old men you adore so much, they’re looking for a 25 year old, preferably an oriental virgin now.

You called me for some unknown reason and there is and will NEVER BE forgiveness here. I didn’t harm my son under the mantra of GOD, you did.

You give God a bad name, you bunch of hypocritical bullshit artists, Truman with your gold chain still trying to impress some poor 17 year old.

Both or you, nasty, cheating, life ruining, family ruining hypocrites, I hope everyone shuns you, there is no way back for you. No amount of attention getting “admissions” at your church where you give your “story” all for attention.

No forgiveness, not from me.

Truman, the gutless nutless has to get women to write me and chew me out he’s so nadless. You are one bad friend, I was your friend over 25 years and you fucked me, fucked my family and as far as I am concerned you are the belt on my dead son’s arm.

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This silly bitch called me thinking that because my son was dead I would be magnanimous to her call of sympathy. Day after day she tortured and ridiculed him all the while keeping her own daughter’s heroin addiction secret.

Liar, stupid, passed around used up out of touch idiot. You called ME?

Forgiveness only comes from me when it’s genuine, you people are bullshitters trying to make yourselves feel just an itsy bitsy bit better.

Fuck you Sherre. I was your friend, YOU threw me and G out. We’ve been OUT over 25 years and now that little boy you knew lies in a morgue in Mexico.

I told you years ago, I warned you but because I am a woman and you prefer penis I didn’t count.greg

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    1. I realize that what I’m about to write will not be published on here. However, if by some miracle it is, I hope it will give someone hope, even though I know the people who read your crap are obviously just as sick as you are.
      You have been going after me now for over two years. In your distorted mind, you blame me for Vic having an affair with a blonde, waaaayyyyyy back then. You are obviously bitter and dangerously jealous. You and I have never been friends. I went down to the Feazell mansion over 25 years ago to meet you. Yes, I was very young, sheltered, and impressionable. You have NEVER helped me do anything. My friend, Judge Bill Logue did. Even back then, everyone thought you were sick, and nobody paid any attention to you. My aunt, my mothers sister, my older sister, and the rest of the family warned me not to go around you. You were NOT friends with my mother for 30 years. You were a “fair weather” friend, only concerned with yourself .
      If I addressed every single lie and fabrication you have written , I would be writing this all night .

      I will respond to your comments about me “hiding” my daughters problems in the past. I never tried to “hide” anything. Like me, my daughter has a testimony that can help others.
      Yes, when she was at Baylor, she became involved with Cameron Thompson. She actually thought she could help him. Instead , Cameron and his parents used her, manipulated her, and tried to destroy my family and myself . They are STILL trying to.
      Cameron forced a needle in my daughters arm, among other things . I did what I had to do to get her away from him, and his parents. I have no regrets on anything I did to save her life. Cameron is currently in prison AGAIN for the fifth time.
      Today, my daughter is completely clean, beautiful and sober. She has her BBA and close to having her MBA.
      She completely beat the odds. Do you know why? Because she was dedicated to the Lord when she was born, and we continue giving her to God every day. Evil people like you, can’t have her. You certainly can’t have me either .
      Nobody is responsible for Greg’s death, but you.
      The fact that you have gone back to writing complete CRAP again, so soon after his death, speaks volumes about you.
      Yes, I’m a Christian. I was also born a sinner, just like everyone else. I’m far from perfect. I’ve been to hell and back the last few years. Some of it is because of choices I made, and some of it isn’t.
      Today, I am a very thankful, blessed woman. I have no interest in holding grudges or getting vengeance on anyone. That’s not my job. It’s not yours either.
      I wouldn’t wish PTSD on anyone. Not even you.
      My family is doing well, I have great friends who are loyal like I am. I’m told all of the time, that the light has come back on in my eyes. I was in complete darkness before . I’m just thankful that I’ll NEVER be like you. I don’t have your kind of evil in my heart.
      I didn’t call you to make amends. I don’t owe you an apology, because I’ve never done anything to you OR Greg. I only tried to help him. Vic knows it, and deep down inside, so do you.
      I called you to “call your bluff” and tell you the “truth” that you keep saying we’re hiding.
      You are a bully and a coward. All bullies are sneaky little cowards. You have proven that fact consistently. You don’t want to hear the truth, because it doesn’t coincide with your evil, sick agenda. I truly wish Greg had done what I encouraged him to do. Perhaps things would be different now.
      Merry Christmas

      1. I’m not the drunk Sherre. I’m not the saddle bag thief. I am not the xanax up the Christian twat. You are. I am a bully, I am a bitch and unlike little godly you, I don’t make excuses for my behavior. PTSD so you got DWI’s. AAAawwww poor you. You accused me of having sex with my own son. Remember? Well, little Christian, that did it. Bully? You better believe it, Coward? No. I don’t want to talk to you, don’t want to see you, I will tear you apart limb from limb and eat your liver. Hypocrite. Whore. Drunk. Liar. TV star. Protected by a Sheriff. Xanasx up your Christian twat. Who are you kidding? All Christian fucking over Judy Simons. Judy didn’t deserve what you and fuck face did to her. So tell me Christian when do you make amends to Judy Simons? I’m a horrible person and proud of it, you are a passed around uniform fucking, serrated knife wielding maniac. Go have your pity party with someone who gives a fuck. Sex with my son. What a Christian. Keep on fooling yourself. Go photoshop your fucking teeth.

      2. So.. we are sick?
        Those that aren’t in your circle, actually LOL about this whole thing.
        We play the “ did you hear about” game.
        Everyone knows the whole truth about you and your circle.
        How do you think I found this blog? LOL
        I don’t know any cops, judges etc. Nor any one involved but yet, here I am!
        Why? Because everyone knows!
        Deny all you want, it just makes the games funnier.
        Again, we like to watch the “all mighty” fall.
        So keep it up and just know the talk behind your back is glorious…
        Miss I can do whatever I want and not go to jail.
        I don’t care that you are a whore,
        there are plenty of those.
        You should have gone to jail.
        I wouldn’t put anything up my snatch.. nasty.
        But thanks for the great laughs!

        Everyone that knows the truth.

      4 minutes
      You are a disgusting human. . How dare you blame a mother of an addict for his death. You are the Devil! Let’’s let Mikes kids in on this. They and Parnell had to hide his body from your crazy ass and yes you let him die! ! Everyone hates you, you slime ball .. I’d ’love to meet you at Parnells office and beat the shit out of you then stomp you clean out.. Maybe we could move your body to the trash can. You are whats wrong with Waco!! Never take blame for your own crap! Hide behind the Ladies o Woodway which you have somehow bedazzled skirts! I know a books worth of shit on you! My son is an addict … you are an addict, you are an embarrassment to your entire family and Waco, Texas

    2. you better remember I have ALL the copies of the stupid shit you sent me before, sex with Greg etc. You are soooo stupid. You’re just pissed because that photo of you will never go away and you’re so vain. You had a wonderful husband, he was a wonderful father, instead you just fucked the entire world that wore uniforms. Get over your stupid ass lying hypocritical self. Go look in the mirror and wonder why a good left your whoring ass. Xanax up your Christian crotch, drunk………..Me never. EVER. No booze no pills bitch. YOU embarrassed your own kids by acting like a slit, showing off your ass and tits, sucking up to felipe, Mike Mc etc. I’ve seen your Christian naked photos on Mike Mc’s phone too. What an idiot.

    3. it’s all about you, isn’t it? Used up passed around embarrassment. Your nude photos on Mike’s phone, you’re a little princess ain’tcha. Your pussy got you out of a lot of trouble but face it no one wants some 50 year old, especially one who’s blown every dick in town.

      1. Hey, whore, I’m coming for you. You have fuckkkked up now. Overplayed your hand something fierce. Watch your back and please tell little purple Truman his day comes.

    4. You can also tell your dried up boyfriend to stop hiding behind skirts. Truman Simons joke, gold chain on that fata ass neck. The both of you will wind up badly and pay for what you did to people who truly didn’t deserve it. Hope your orgasms were worth it.

    5. call me a coward, come on over, I’ll break your legs and feed your toes to you one by one, I have ALL the bullshit you wrote me during the past years so St. Sherre come on. They’ll be taking you away in an ambulance and believe me I can do the time without pills in my puss. You stupid unaware, total whore.

  1. PTSD, what an idiot, all you see is yourself. I was fucking kidnapped in mexico for three months fuck your ptsd you had a good husband and good kids, YOU made it to the tv, not me. It’s all about you, don’t you even get that? Poooor little Sherre. YOU had John who was a good man. YOU fucked up your own life bitch fucking truman and others. Get real. You’re fifty something years old already. Pistol Packing pussy.

  2. My life isn’t f’d up at all. My life is good, and I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful for the trials. All of the lies and false accusations can’t change that. You’re not going to ever win in this ridiculous game you’re playing. Don’t you see that? I’m not sure why I’m trying to reason with an insane person that I don’t even know, but this is just so sad. Jealousy is a waste of everyones time. Spending your life so jealous of others, isn’t going to change anything. Cowards hide behind computer screens. They never come out to see the light of day. I’m more of a face to face, light of day person. You people can keep hiding behind bitter words and false accusations. I’ll keep walking out in the open sunlight.
    I can’t believe I used to let your bantering bother me. I let it hinder my recovery. Not anymore.
    I’m done here.

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