I say you’re a liar


I say you took the guns that didn’t belong to you, and the gun safe. I say those guns are NOT registered to you and everyone knows it.  I say they weren’t bought at “auction” and given to you as gifts, I say you did something really shady and now you’re caught.

You own KWTX so go on KWTX and show THEM or better yet, THE RANGERS, those guns, let a third party run them, all of them.

IF they come back to you I will apologize and shut down this blog.

YOU are a coward, a philanderer, a bully and a truly lousy Sheriff, you have no clue what to do or how to act when even an old woman challenges you, YOU are a public official and owe the public answers even though you think you do not.

RUN THE GUNS, get the Rangers to investigate your office and I will become a full time cat lady.

Dare you!!


Guns “bought at auction” nope


Not his guns, not his gun safe, he loves them, won’t give them back, knows what he did


Protects his friends, a prime suspect in the murder of Lily Hefele,  on his big Clifton Robinson fund raiser, co chairman, one Johnny “Joe” Ash, money and stuff, that’s why he’s in it, and it’s fun, being the big hero.

Come on Parnell, let’s see what you got.

ME without you, betcha you’d be the hero of a lot of people……….

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