In August of 2017 I went to the Sheriff’s department and met with David Johnson, they KNEW I was coming, Parnell and Kilcrease elected not to be there, and pushed me off on David Johnson who is great and you can tell, like the others, he has to back up the boss. Parnell is also his cousin.  I told them when I made the appointment to “please tape record me.” They did.

WHY? Because I am honest and they are not. I had already gone to the FBI BEFORE I went to the Sheriff’s department because I had no faith in the Sheriff’s department under Parnell McNamara whatsoever.

I gave the FBI the same story as I would give the Sheriff’s department.  Truth doesn’t change.

I had/have been “tacitly” been threatened by Sheriff’s little friends and  a co conspirator in moving Sheriff’s brother, Mike. They know it, I know it.

Instead of investigating the threatening phone calls, threatening pictures, actual 2 threats and dirty comment from Johnny Ash, who, by the way, gave me his gate code to come on over and see him, and Sherre Johnston, six DWI’s 911 call, probably Parnell’s girlfriend too. Xanas at jail, hot mess.

This past week Parnell, who can’t face anyone, gets good ole boy Steve January to call me over bullshit and to show me how they can flat


This is who Parnell is, not upfront, not brave, just a desperate man who can’t manage his money and is more than happy to be THE MAN now that Abel is gone. If you check Abel’s contribution list, you’ll see where they just moved right on over to Sheriff, and he gladly took them.

I gave this to the Sheriff’s department along with phone threats and harrassment, I gave them my phone to give them evidence on the threats.

Instead he brain drained my phone to see who I was talking to.

This is your gutless, nutless, sneaky, show pony Sheriff.

He moved his brother September 2, 2015, he messed up, he thinks we don’t believe it, bwaaah, and he’ll throw anyone under the bus to try to get around the fact he may or may not have contributed to his brother’s death.  To protect Sheriff’s “image” and throw shade over the body snatching, he’ll throw me or anyone else under the Sheriff’s bus.

Has the county bought him one of those yet?





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