Question for Harry from an inmate at the Jack Harwell who shall remain nameless

Dear Harry: I am confused this article says that the woman below was charged with “malicious castration” when is castration of one’s spouse not malicious?

Answer:  Depends whether or not it happened in Waco or Marlin.




NEWPORT, N.C. (AP) Authorities in North Carolina have locked up a woman accused of cutting off her husband’s penis.

A news release says 61-year-old James Frabutt told Carteret County deputies his wife, 56-year-old Victoria Thomas Frabutt, tied him up and pulled out a knife early Tuesday morning.

James Frabutt was taken to a Greenville hospital where his condition is unknown.

Deputies were able to recover the body part, put it on ice and give it to medical personnel.

A motive for the castration is unclear.

Victoria Thomas Frabutt has been charged with kidnapping and malicious castration.

She’s in jail on a $100,000 bond and has a court hearing scheduled for Wednesday.

It’s unclear whether she had an attorney who could comment on her behalf.


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