Since we have no law enforcement to protect or warn us, since our own Sheriff has a murder suspect as his #1 Co Chairman at his big party with the Robinsons, the next step is to warn one another.

Charles Henobe Dudzinski

From a reader we will call Rachael this morning in comment to Harry



This man is a very sick individual. The so called stripper is the real victim. This man abuses woman and steals even from his own job at M&M mars on imperial in waco. What kind of company lets a man like this work for them. I heard from his wife ( she left him because he raped her but she is afraid to go to police and he is a molester) I heard he has sex with all the woman at his job including his boss. He cheated on his wife with a teenager. When she told me this it sickens me but he should be locked up for good. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do. He doesn’t care about the judge or his rulings. I heard he even stalks the guy in the video because he is obsessed with him. Everyone help get his story out there for the world to see. He is one sick human. I heard he has a 14 yr old daughter I believe. I wonder if he tried to molest her too.
He uses the money he gets from selling drugs to pay off his probation . I have a insider who tells me things. Mars is not a good company to let Charles Dudzinski work for them.

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