In 1980, Gerhardt “Gerry” Hefele came to my apartment, he told me that “Johnny Ash”, a man I did not know and have never met, had killed Lily Hefele to collect a gambling debt Gerhardt Hefele owed to Ash.  I, along with numerous other people have told the same story for forty years, finally, someone is now listening, and asking questions again!

There has been public outcry since the first Harry articles, David Johnson had already interviewed a few of Lily’s sisters, and we hope to have DNA run on that cigarette/cigarillo soon.

The investigation has been going on for quite some time now, ever since it became apparent that Sheriff McNamara had taken Deputy Johnson OFF the case since he found out that Johnny Ash was a suspect.  Unfortunately, Johnson had questioned a few people before Sheriff pulled the plug, leaving this writer to believe that people interviewed by David Johnson were now in danger.

Imagine sending the Ft. Worth police department a copy of that invitation showing Johnny Ash as one of Sheriff’s co-chairs along with newspaper magnate and eight liner hopeful Clifton Robinson,  happily when they realize it’s WACO they understand the legendary corruption, greed, and vain attempts at immortality.

What the fk is wrong with you people, all of you, forty years of evidence and nothing?  Ft. Worth has NOTHING to brag about in this case but WACO certainly doesn’t.  The first investigation was one Mike Tranthum Waco PD, same story right here in Waco.  Nothing.

Your Sheriff could have gotten this done.  His own cousin/deputy/you’re surprised? was all over this case.  Excited.  Then WHAM.  Ask yourself.

The people who loved and knew Lily Hefele won’t stand for this any longer.  The people of this county are pretty tired of watching social vampires just ad to the problem while they hide in their heated floor caves waiting for the next greedy senior citizen to pry that gambling out of their alzheimered hands.

You are done.





Victim: Gloria “Lillie” Hefele, 40 years old Location: 3900 Samson Park Gloria Hefele lived with her husband in Waco, Texas. She left her residence on May 14, 1980, to go to a friend’s house in FortWorth. Gloria Hefele was found deceased in Buck-Samson Park. She died as a result of a gunshot wound.




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