George’s owner donates to new Cold Case Unit

SO donation
McLennan County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Terry Fuller (from left), Capt. Steve January, George’s Restaurant owner Sammy Citrano III, Sheriff Parnell McNamara and Chief Deputy David Kilcrease stand outside commissioners court Tuesday after Citrano donated $2,500 to the Cold Case Unit.


Remember this?  Wow.  Sheriff’s Department Cold Case unit solved the Beth Bramlett case.

Big press, lots of pictures with the hats, incredible cholesterol, fatty liver, diabetes, big guts, Parnell has to stand in the back row to disguise his.  THIS is your Sheriff’s department and Sammy Citrano, owner of George’s, big buddy of Abel Reyna.  ALL Abel’s functions, George’s.  It’s no secret.  Somewhere last year, a faction of the Reyna Bunch split in half, with the likes of Sammie Citrano, Kim Falcone, Johnny Ash, Wes Waller, and others on the Reyna side and other long time friends, gone gone.  Something so foul happened that people didn’t just leave Abel, they left, and supported Barry Johnson.

Harry doesn’t know everything but this much, we all have to get into our heads…….


He did though and sort of fell apart afterwards, not going to work again and generally messing everything up via his Hitler Youth buddy/prosecutors to extract revenge in advance while sending out resumes.  Johnson got left with hundreds of cases, most of them not cases at all, just nine months of little legal time bombs to toy with the next administration by a bunch of sore losers, liars, and not really very good actors.

One thing they have in common, is that they all want and need to be loved by a large group of people.

If you have ever been a family member of a “Hero” you know what I mean.  You arrive at the party together and never see the Hero again as he/she moves through the crowd having his/her ass kissed.  There may be a day when you realize that perhaps you needed a hero and that will bother you.  It won’t bother THE HERO, however, they’re too busy posing in the mirror with and without the hat.  The M&M looks good on the outside, but the peanut is rotten.  Unfortunately, the last group of ole boys just grew up together, melded together, first, second, third generations, and a well oiled machine was in place, one of hero love,  television, pictures, and magazine covers.

Everyone spent money like crazy and didn’t have to report a damned thing to the public.

FAKE NEWS.  That’s what Abel said,  it all worked well, until Abel’s heroism was exposed and he lost the election by a landslide, leaving him and his buddies bitter, and his co conspirators lost.

“The THEY” have to have power, so now Sammie Citrano gives Sheriff a check, Wes Waller is going to jump on the “Parnell Posse,” and Sheriff Parnell McNamara has run out of chances with Harry storm, and hopefully, the public.



May 14,  1980

I’ll never forget how she looked in that coffin.  She was so tiny, barely one hundred pounds.  Somewhere under the dark pink way to frilly negligee she was wearing was a wound that almost cut her in half.  Her thin, tiny fingers were together on her chest and the makeup couldn’t cover the self defense bruises. We had all been such friends, Lily, her daughters, her mother, her sister, her friends, her husband, Gerry.  Gerry was right there too, along with all his friends and coworkers from John Hancock Insurance.  We looked at her in surreal dress, everything hiding the fact she had been brutally murdered, and her husband/killer was standing right there while we all pretended we didn’t know the part he had played in it.


Report No: 80064819
Victim: Gloria “Lillie” Hefele, 40 years old

Location: 3900 Samson Park
Gloria Hefele lived with her husband in Waco, Texas. She left her residence on May 14, 1980, to go to a friend’s house in Fort Worth. Gloria Hefele was found deceased in Buck-Samson Park. She died as a result of a gunshot wound.



  AUGUST 2018


In August of 2018, after being contacted by the Ft. Worth Cold Case Unit once every 10 years for 40 years, I decided to go to the Sheriff’s department Cold Case Squad as I had been reading about “Familial DNA”.  In fact I had done a 23andMe and hooked up with relatives from everywhere on FACEBOOK.  The last time an officer from Ft. Worth had called me he had told me that they had a cigarette butt with DNA with no one to match it to.  Since I have known who the killer is since 1980, I once again told the officer who we all thought it was and I had been told who it was by Lilly’s husband, Gerhardt Hefele before he left the country.

Gerhardt or “Gerry” as we called him was from Germany and had gone to TSTC, met a much older Lily and got married.  He got a job with John Hancock and developed a bad gambling habit that led to him selling his then wife, around $350K worth of Life Insurance.  He told her that if he sold the most insurance he would win a contest and they’d go on a trip to Vegas.

I told her that in my experience if you sold to a family member in a contest it didn’t count.  She didn’t share my concern and bought the insurance, never made it to Vegas.

John Hancock paid off while we all talked to cops, Gerry got the money, just as quickly it was gone and he left for Germany.  The night before he left he told me who killed Lily, when he told me it was as though he thought I knew all along, as though we all knew.

In 2018, after hearing about the solving of the Beth Bramlett case, I decided to go to the Sheriff’s department as Familial DNA was possible and I figured with just a push from the Cold Case Unit in Waco, they’d solve Lily’s case, which has never stopped bothering me.  Ever.

That day, I had a lot to say and David Johnson TAPED ME as I asked him to tape me.

When I told him about Lily’s case, I could tell he was more than interesting, murder was his “thang”,  me too.

Sure enough, I found out that indeed Sheriff’s Deputy David Johnson had talked to a few of the last relatives of Lily and was investigating her death.

Could I witness justice for my 90 pound friend, after 40 years,  hope so, not much time left.

Now, it’s May 21, 2019 and my calls and emails to both David Johnson and David Kilcrease are one way.  My friend’s murder will go unsolved.

I suspect Sheriff Parnell McNamara pulled David Johnson OFF looking at the case.  I suspect Sheriff Parnell McNamara told David Johnson NOT to call the Ft. Worth police and get the DNA RUN.

My friend who never saw that shotgun blast coming, lies in the ground, everyone knows who killed her, the murderer walks among you, he can be confident that law enforcement is too damned lazy to pick up the phone and ask another law enforcement agency to run DNA that has just sat there for 40 years.  The murderer’s cigarette.  He still smokes, btw.

So, Sheriff McNamara, did you pull your employee and cousin, David Johnson off this case?  Others?

Let this be a warning to you who work for the Sheriff’s department, as “officers of the court” you have an obligation to report wrongdoing.

Penal code 39 is something you’d all best read soon.

If you are his friend, you get out of jail with nothing, hell, get a phone, otherwise, he hides the truth about the Massage Parlor cases, they’re gone, NOT AT THE DA’s office, Parnell got rid of them.

McNamara stated that there were over “300.”   Scaramucci and others would have you believe now, after ruining the lives of the first 36 to be recognized, that it was the same 36, same guys over and over 300 times,  right?  Or some such bullshit to cover up the fact that too many of Parnell’s buddies, AND ABEL’s got caught.

It was a problem, after all one Kevin Chirafkis is the Manager of George’s in Hewitt, owned by you guessed it, Mr. Benevolence Sammy Citrano.

Of course, that one made it through but Abel was supposed to dump that one.  Whoops, he didn’t win and now he’s one of the 36.

One was also Sheriff’s cousin.  Sheriff has a big, bad nepotism problem.  He doesn’t hire his relatives to “help” them, or even advance them, he does it to control them and their jobs just like he does to the rest of the “B” team.

To make it worse, the man who killed Lily Hefele, wrote and threatened ME.

In writing.

It’s on, ole boy.  You f*cked up every chance Harry ever gave you.

Sheriff Parnell McNamara, what a guy.



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