When your employees are angry because you play favorites and hire your own relatives,  what do you do?  Go on vacation of course.

She likes being Mrs. Sheriff and he says he’s never had so much fun in his life.  He’s 73, has health problems, takes way too many vacations, Aspen, Switzerland, New Mexico, on and on, some with “favorites” from work, like “the Januarys”, while others don’t get raises, and recently, culminating with the color of the Coffee Room walls, the grumbling at the S.O got louder.  Seems the worst thing that can happen to you at the S.O is being “the one” that has to tell “Deputy Tiny” to tell Sheriff it’s time to keep the Mrs. home again.  As the anonymous letters abound and the Public Info requests hit the S.O, the Big Mc’s have gone on another vacation.

The “Never had so much fun” run.





Charlotte Mc is the Campaign Treasurer too for Sheriff’s re election,  and the party that JHAWK gave for Parnell never made it to the Secretary of States Campaign finance report, and other CASH contributions of substance.


It’s 2019, there are records.



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