Dear Harry:    Two weeks ago Grandpa Charlie was at the Walmart with his MAGA hat on telling the Mexican women how to raise their children.  As we were ejected from the store by Security, the manager whispered to the Mexican lady, “Don’t worry about it, he’s just an “OMA”  What does OMA mean?

Ernestine from Lufkin

“O.M.A” or, Oma comes from the old Latin word meaning literally,  Old Man Asshole.

Like the definition of “pornography”, it’s a “know it when you see it” kind of thing.

For example, an OMA named Charlie wrote a comment to  Harry this morning.


UBI does not own a jet and never has. Whoever wrote this does not have facts. Wonder how much more of this story is made up?
Never checks his facts,  if Harry isn’t held to a much higher standard than this dimwit I’ll kiss your grandchild.  Harry brings you the plane WITH the DA in it,  the date, the flight log, the ownership papers of the LLC and this Charlie Fool writes this.
If you are having to put up with some blowhard, probably fat, red faced, bald mean, opinionated old man,  who ignores the facts no matter what and puts the entire Trump thing as “Loyalty”.
Look,  keep it to yourself,  all I’m saying is if you don’t think he should show his tax returns like everyone else,  you and I have a rift.  Just that one thing.
So, Charlie whomever you are,  Harry says to check your sugar intake and to take a clear and honest look at how really stupid you are.  How you don’t READ, you don’t check a fact, you think public documents are fake?  Hell, I don’t know what you think but writing me this morning and walking through my medicinal high?  Oh, hell no.
Charlie  OMA of the week.
Bite me.

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