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 If I come break in to your shed and steal your canteens will you press charges on me?


If Sherre Johnston had called 911 first would Mike McNamara still be alive?  How long did it take the Sheriff to get to where Sherre and Mike really were?

Sherre Johnston, “I didn’t call 911 immediately.”   No, she called Parnell.

Sherre email about calling 911


The EMS and Firefighters were so freaked out by the entire thing as was the 911 operator who just “thought” she’d seen it all before this day.  So they got together and did a comparison because they were so scared as they knew, as we all know,  “somethin’ ain’t right.”

How long did it take Parnell to get there?  In that amount of time could Mike have been saved?

Bad decision?

Women have too many questions?

Susan Istre

So if there was no brother’s body moving then WHY would you bury all that paperwork and charges on Sherre J, the burglary, the drunk in jail, pill, phone?

People aren’t stupid.  What has she got on you and a few others?  Come on here.

The JP said he died at the Walmart in Bellmead (omg, wrong)

Incompetent?  Cover up?  Favoritism?

Never thought Abel would lose either, did you?


When you see these men,  ask them, they are/were public servants, they work for you.  They owe an explanation, this ain’t no made up stuff here.  

If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck………





  1. You need to compare the Rub n tug s. Waco and Jupiter Florida… its the same thing with the Florida Sheriff telling all and busting all the billionaires .. why not waco? Sent from my iPhone


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