It ain’t a puppy


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Adam Navarro too lazy to get out of his truck and actually flash ladies at the HEB,  slovenly pedophile has to call them over for a look.  Out on bond,  bad work ethic,  plus coldest day of the year to do it.


For some unknown dumb*ss reason,  Adam Navarro, already a registered sex offender decided to go to HEB on one of the coldest days of the years to display his own brand of sausage kolache from the cab of his truck.

I hate a lazy damned sex offender.  I also don’t appreciate him or anyone else messing up the HEB experience for me since they came out with Creamy Creations, and others, they have already taken away the International House of Pancakes, depressing enough,  NOW this.

Anyway, if we are calling out the men folk we have to call out the ladies too for this one.  If you see this or any other man creeping around your HEB wanting to show you something.  It ain’t a puppy.

Get your cellphone and tell him you don’t consume anything with nitrites.

He’s out on bond.




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