James R. O’Connor:  Bellmead-St.Joseph, Hamilton-St.Thomas, Hearne-St.Mary, Jarrell-Holy Trinity, Taylor-St.Mary, Temple-St.Mary, Waco-St.Joseph (in residence), Waco-St.Mary, of the Assumption, West-St.Mary, of the Assumption. 

Born:  1942       Ordination:1969                                               Removal from Ministry:  2004        


  Laicization: 2018

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 Harry,  what the hell does LAICIZATION mean?                                                                                                                                 Darla in Bellmead

WACOPEDIA LAICIZATION:  Defrocked.  From the Greek word Laicize which means                                                              “to burn his nice sh*t in front of the trailer house.”

That’ll do it. 



Defrocked.  Get real.

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