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You have really ripped your ass with me.

giphy (2)

Sheriff’ll get a translator for you cause he don’t speak Mandarin,  he looks the part,  he’s the image “Sheriff.”   Sure is.  However,  if his friends, compadres, fellow Baylor grads, old girlfriends of himself or his brother,  are doing bad things,  bribery,  harassment,  and threats,  you’re either “crazy”,  or “fked.”  Why?  Cause he ain’t going to do a thing to help you.

FOUR people called the Sheriff’s department to report harassment,  THREE went in person since last March 26th., 2018.

Sheriff’ll also make a big show of raiding the house of the Johnstons to retrieve Sheriff’s belongings,  a lot of man hours,  however,  that was 2017 and no charges were filed.  None.


When I heard that Jay Justice had the nads to go to the S.O and report what had happened to him,  I was so happy.  I thought,  for sure,  they just thought Harry deserved it like a rape victim “asking for it.”   For sure they’d listen to Jay Justice.  Nope.

This is all true.  Ask around.  Better yet,  ask your Sheriff.




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