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“When you call the office of the  poor,  long suffering,  arm of god above, Judge Ralph Strother,  his office staff (who must be on valium and booze) will end the conversation by telling you in a bored,  much holier than thoudumbass voice,  “Have a blessed day.”


The almighty RalphStrothergod of 19th. Court forgives all you mfkrs.


This really means,  “F*ck you”,  in Courthouse Christian and everyone knows it.

“Have a blessed day,”  has no place in the Courthouse,  sorry,  it just doesn’t. 

“Have a blessed day”  just pisses folks off at this point.

“Have a blessed day”,   put Ralph on to say that.

They got “Have a blessed day” out of the same place the “400 dollar” fine for the Baylor Frat boy came from,  their ass.

THEY think they’re god and we’re all going to hell.  THEY think god won them the election.  THEY think god gave them the money.

Please call 254  757-5081 for no other reason than to see true hypocrisy and what is really wrong with this town.









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