“F*ck your piddly $465 Social Security, what’s $203,100 divided by 12”?

On the brink of a government shutdown and facing the fact that Grandma may have to move out of her apartment by the fifth,  and back into the trailer park with the rest of the family and the J-pay money for brother in prison just got slashed.  

Think you have problems?

Let’s put Waco judges and the government shutdown in perspective,  shall we?

Sentimental towards Retired Judge Walter Smith?  Who?  Aaaah,  let me take you back……


Baylor again,  degenerate offspring of an illustrious sire,  Marlin doctor.  Blaze faced from alcoholism.  Couldn’t keep his hands off the ladies,  thought “THEY” were coming “on” to him.  About the same age as Strother.  He got his FULL retirement which is $203,100 a year.  Still feeling badly?

Judge Walter Smith,  went from the “Hanging Judge”,  to the “Groping Judge”,  stayed too long at the dance?  Ralph?

Inline image




He thought he was “invisible” too, for a long time.

He wasn’t.

Still mad,  Walter?  Me too.





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