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If you haven’t bought your way off the list of prominent Waco men who were apprehended at the local masturbation parlors,  you only have 19 days left to make up your mind and from what we hear,  the price has gone up to $25K.

If you are a Baylor student or secretary,  hell, even if you’re just the HUSBAND of Ken Starr’s secretary you better get your DWI taken care of now.  Time’s a running out.  Remember the Jarvisses and their DWI’s?

Dead girl in hot tub?  Prominent horse raising family,  no problem,  rehab for Sirbasqu.

FICTION:  Abel Reyna is a honorable man who would like to tell the ignorant people of Wacko the truth about his decision making BUT he can’t.  He is protecting the dumbsh#ts from themselves and is wiser than the rest of us because he’s from here and so was his daddy.  This is the part where he tears up by the way.  Abel is keeping many secrets and it’s a tortuous thing,  he would love to tell all to Tommy Witherspoon and the rest of the media but he can’t.

Abel Crying


FACT:  They got sloppy.  They overplayed their hand.  They tried to bribe someone who wasn’t going for it and now they’re afraid.  Afraid because they got sloppy last February and this last Baylor Frat Boy plea deal certainly didn’t go like THEY thought it would.  See,  Abel thinks he is invisible.  Invisible AND invincible.  Wrong.

If the U.S. Attorney needed Public Outcry to finally DO SOMETHING about the corruption,  we think you’ve got it.




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