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                  “Thank you,  have a blessed day”

Sydney Tuggle,  Hilary All On Board,  and Abel Reyna, going to heaven and you’re not

Reyna prosecutors.

Reyna prosecutors.

Harry didn’t call the DA’s office to talk to Jesus.  He didn’t call to talk to the representative of the angry god,  Abel Reyna,  no,  he called to talk to Hilary LaBorde,  or,  at the very least to get her answering machine.


Instead when you call 254  757-5084 you get what is at the HEART OF THIS BULLSHIT,  the hypocrites.

Harry:  I would like to speak with Hilary LaBorde

Voice on phone from Heaven at the Courthouse:  She isn’t here may I take a message?

Harry:  Please tell her I don’t think she did the right thing in the Baylor Frat Boy plea and please tell her I think she should be ashamed.

Angel on phone:  “Thank you, have a blessed day.”

This is code for “F*ck you,” and we know it.  THIS is the kind of crap that gives Christians a bad name.

IF we want to call the Vatican,  we will.

Abel, his people, and the Courthouse have god and you don’t.

THAT is the message.

Well,  here’s Harry’s message to the DA’s office,  “Fu*k you”,  we see right through you.




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