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               City of Waco vs Ricochet Boutique, LLC

Who knew?  As surprising as a Xanax falling out of a twat at the jail,  the HARVEY REPORT has come out and, once again,  Sherre Johnston has made it to another Public Record.


Now,  you too, can threaten people simply by wearing a t-shirt with your gun online.

RICOCHET Boutique will be selling these “pistol packing mama” shirts at Sironia at a deep discount this Christmas.


Hey,  Sheriff,  where’s the case?

Merry Christmas Sassy Little Devil.



11 thoughts on “CITY OF WACO V. SHEREE JOHNSTON $8,297.00

  1. Ho Ho Ho, Guess she shoulda kiestered them Xans, instead of twatting them. But on another note what is City of W suing her for; I only see the amount of $8297. I wanna know.

  2. Hey, tell Truman he’s wrong.
    Carrie Knight
    Carrie Knight Its called BPP taxes on her property in the business not the actual real estate. Yes it is a real thing.🤣🙄

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    Carrie Knight
    Carrie Knight no victim. True facts. She needs to pay them

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