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Jacob Anderson after the Hearing


  1. Wow, and Abelina and Hillary LaBorde hiding out like the cockroaches they are. Waco Justice at it’s finest. How can they hold any court cases here. Won’t everybody in Waco be like we want the Jakob Anderson type of sentencing. Yall be very ashamed of yourselves. In fact, you should all slap yourselves and resign.

  2. I read LaBorde’s disgusting statements about lack of evidence, not trusting Waco jurors to make the right decision, but that she’s confident Jacob Anderson will get treatment as a sex offender. Funny she thinks he will get treatment, and yet he doesn’t have to register as a sex offender. Are you insane Hillary? I mean come on, the good folks of Waco see right through you & Strother. We see you. If this type of justice were to become regular practices in McLennan County, then no woman or child is safe here. By Strother’s accounts we are all stupid for taking a stand against this injustice. Maybe he or they think or hope this will die down, and they can get on with their guilt-free holiday plans and collecting paychecks for jobs not well-done.

    • I don’t see it dying down. They just suck up to one another and surround themselves with people who are just “yes” men, of course, then there’s the pure corruption. Hateful all.

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