“Finally,  a guy with nads.”               Harry


While citizens and relatives of “f*** ups”  and felons wait in anguish praying to God above that they can get their cases put off until January because they have suddenly been faced with the “max” via the “spin the bottle” justice system at the DA’s office,  these days usually driven by a female Prosecutor under thirty hired by a DA,  Reyna,  who puts “loyalty” to him at the top of the Job Application.

We have a vacuum in our Justice system.  You’d have to be dead not to know it,  we hit CNN all the time,  last week Baylor girls marched in protest at the Courthouse.  Of course, the Courthouse just sat there asleep in its own gingerbread fairy tale world where the Wizards of Oz protect us from ourselves.

Is there some conspiracy?  Do the judges all get together and laugh about how they’re going to slam TWIN PEAKS off until January?  Do the DA’s office people talk to one another or just slap one another on the back?  Does law enforcement work together?

Or is everyone just falling into place,  just like the ones before them?  Son of cop.  Son of Judge.  Son of wealth?

One thing’s for sure,  it would appear a Baylor Law graduate from out of town has written while we have waited for a heroic voice in our own city.
Tacit obedience implies no force upon the will, and consequently may be easily, and without any pains, preserved; but when a wife, a child, a relation, or a friend, performs what we desire, with grumbling.

Mark Osler is a Professor of Law,  Baylor graduate,  living in Minnesota.  Notice how it’s always someone who doesn’t have to “make a living” in this town,  that has the guts and grace to write something as obvious as what’s going on here?

Special justice for a few,  retribution for those who speak out,  retribution for those not deemed as “friends” of power,  and just plain f*** blatant bullshit they don’t seem to recognize and then just look at the public like we’re stupid.

Reyna didn’t act stupid alone,  he had and has lots of help.  This could not have happened without the Judges.  Judge Strother,  Judge Vik, Judge Johnson.

Where are the MEN of this city?  Who are they,  come to think of it?  In the past Republican and Democratic leaders would at least teach their candidates to fill out Campaign Finance Reports correctly.  Some old sage man would grab a young candidate or office holder and tell him he was dead wrong and why.  Well,  the old boys ain’t doing that anymore,  too close to retirement.

Bad decisions are made in secret.  This past year is a tribute to that.

Barry Johnson’s fellow McLennan County Republican office holders should be totally ashamed of themselves.






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