Remember when we were all praying someone would run against Reyna?  Twin Peaks,  Baylor couple, not talking to the press,  it seemed we were doomed to another McLennan County Official running without an opponent.

The day we heard Barry Johnson was announcing we all went absolutely nuts.  We were at the “Anyone BUT Abel,” phase.

A “Focus Group” was gathered in the living room and watched the first debate between Barry Johnson and Abel Reyna.  Unfortunately,  we had to watch it four times because people began to scream in anger and disbelief at Abel who basically was saying Barry Johnson “wasn’t from here,” because he had moved to Dallas,  therefore you give up your citizenship.

Harry himself escaped WACO years ago only to return twenty five years later to live down the street from TWIN PEAKS in 2015.


Civil Suits still to come.

Barry Johnson had style,  class and something we don’t see very often anymore,  grace.

It’s not make believe either.  He’s cool in his own skin and we knew The Resistance had a winner when we watched Barry Johnson’s face on the television with the sound muted over and over again as Abel said a few things that hit Barry before he could stop his left eyebrow with a look of startled,  restrained,  amazement.

We came away with the sweet knowledge that Barry Johnson knows Bulls** when he sees it.  Well,  in the case of Abel’s remarks about “Daddy”,  Barry’s eye roll was as automatic as three other audience members whose heads jerked around to make faces at the person sitting next to them.

Barry Johnson was his own man walking in,  the rest of what’s been dumped on him by his fellow office holding Republicans falls under the category of “you can’t make this shit up.”

Like a bunch of cousins with the measles at the same time,  Reyna, Johnson, Felton, Strothers and others talked up the Bike Fright like little boys with a flashlight under their chins at sleepover.  They scared one another and got the County to pay for over $500K of protection during the TWIN PEAKS mistrial.  Felton got the money back from the State of Texas,  like THAT makes it all okay.  The money comes from somewhere.

It was a shit show and everyone knows it,  and knew it then.  Worldwide.

I look forward to January.  I am not worried about Barry Johnson.  I believe he will raise the bar for the entire courthouse.

The fight is against  hypocrisy.

The fight is against government in secrecy.

We know,  “Have you lost your mind?” when we see it.  We know,  “hell, no,”  when we feel it.

Amazingly enough,  Strother, Reyna, Johnson,  along with other assistant DA’s that come and go,  have continued to make us all proud month after month since the election last week Baylor girls staged a MeTOO protest.  It’s been a very long 8 months and I think I speak for a lot of people from Hutto, Texas to Istambul,  it’s blatant.


Mr. Reyna,  if you lose the election will you still show up for work?


Barry Johnson Abel Reyna


or just wallow in self pity while continuing the corruption that lost you the election in the first place.

WE see you.  Hello?  You.  Strother,  Johnson, LaBorde,  we see you.

Abel Crying

Fake tears.  Fake news.  Fake justice.

No moral leadership.  No answers.

Dead girl in hot tub.



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