August 31, 2018  Harry in real time.

“Tell me how I should feel.”



The Ritalin has worked wonders.  Harry had to write about everything he thought was of value and condensed where he had proof AND a date.  Held to a higher standard,  he’d better walk in evidence in hand because he’s just tired of the word,  “crazy”, and other words used to describe him these days.  Harry has received threats and insults.  One local sorta bad guy wrote and told Harry,  “I remember you,  you had a fat ass.”

Hurt.  Harrassed.  Yet having to keep secrets while watching her friend suffer by getting just ignorant texts practically on a daily basis.  It just went on and on and on.

What you or Harry would have done can’t play into this.  We must deal with what is because it’s happening in real time.

I don’t understand.  No one in our “focus group” does.  We can’t agree on what body part has the social disease in Picture 11.

That’s what they want.

Confusion,  fear,  and to show they have their own secret little power.

What if.

What if some old man decided to pretend to be crazy?  What if Felipe Reyna has decided he and others,  many others,  are “toast”,  that the walls are closing in on them.  Because they are.

Now that YOU the public knows this whatever was taken to Sheriff Parnell McNamara’s office on March 26th.,  and now Harry is getting texts.  Harry,  now can tell you the truth.  Harry doesn’t pretend to know everything,  but that is what the flying hell is wrong in this county.


Everyone is out to write a fucking book at some point in the future.  Right?  Or,  hell,  just self publish,  or find someone from Marlin to do it.

Is it Felipe Reyna doing this you are screaming,  right.  Yes.  He’s one of “them”,  the Magic Jack,  Intelliquent,  Neutral Tandem device is mobile.  Remember,  there are two ways to figure out who it is,  one is where it “pings” the location.  The second has to do with subpoenas and companies paid by sneaky folks to frighten.

All from a scooter in Lorena?

Drunk.  From a house by the Lake.  Drunk.

Now he knows we all know he’s making phone calls and generally jacking with people and it’s still going on today.  Today.

We feel fine,  however,  because today is August 31st.,  and the Sheriff has had this case since March 26th.  He was on the cover of TEXAS MONTHLY six fucking times.

Everything you read from Harry has been compiled in pissed off secrecy for months and  months.

They are trying to pull attention away from the MAGIC JACK,  they read this blog.  They want to deflect so they message people stupid shit with misspelled words placed to make the reader pause and ponder.  Why?  Baylor should be pissed.

Retired Texas Justice Felipe Reyna and others have gotten away with this for a few months now.

Distraction,  is this what it is all about Harry wonders over and over again.  The need for solitude and occasional “check ins” with his “lizard brained” friends in Austin was making Harry and frightened friends feel and not think.

Setting up the insanity defense?

Whatever it is the humor just got Harry angrier by the day,  and there were phone calls.  Yes,  Felipe Reyna,  retired Justice has actually gotten drunk and called people from his own home phone.  True.



Whatever other reasons there were Harry decided he wasn’t going to think about them anymore and the idea of some ass having to read this shit was even worse.  Then Harry realized Felipe had to read his blog and decided it was a good day.

Is today Wednesday?



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