Need a babysitter?


Billy Rodriguez


Some dumba** let this four time felon baby sit their young daughter.  Hello?  A lot of families have strange uncles,  hell,  we had one,  “Uncle Henry”,  we knew to stay away from him if he’d had a few drinks and to NEVER be alone with him.  He was creepy,  he looked creepy,  at least he was old and usually so drunk he couldn’t catch you but he did try.  THIS guy, however, takes creepy Uncle to a new level.  Sort of a Billy Bob Thornton as Bad Santa meets Jack Nicholson in the Shining.  Needless to say,  the good people of McLennan County sent him back to prison,  for the FIFTH time,  and he is going to have to do 42 years.  “Day by day” forty two years.

Does Dr. Phil have to just come here and bitch slap the mamas of these kids who are getting abused by their older family members in this city?



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