Tui Na Closed for the Holiday

Instead of giving masturbation classes today,  Zang has closed her “Happy Ending” massage and masturbation parlor in honor of the holiday.  She has let her sex trafficking girls have an egg hunt that’s for real.  Zang also says she turned away three bankers this morning disguised as the Easter Bunnies in vain attempts to throw off law enforcement as to their identities.

Chun Yang Zhang



A little Zang music



According to an affidavit,  ZANG  picked up a woman in Austin who she hired her for employment at TuiNa House, a massage and foot reflexology establishment, one of many notorious Asian Jerk Joints operating in the city.

“(The woman) stated within the first week of employment ZANG indicated she could ‘touch’ some of the repeat customers while demonstrating masturbation,” the affidavit states. “She states that she told ZANG she would not do this and would only provide regular massages.”

ZANG allegedly told the woman she was going to keep half of her pay. Since the woman declined to engage in sex acts, Zang started to keep her entire pay, forcing the woman to live at the massage parlor, the affidavit states.


“You were supposed to come back with mushu pork, Daddy”…………………….

Image result for scary easter bunny

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