I wrote “NO DICK PICS, PLEASE” on my ad to sell a washing machine on Craigslist

           I got two dick pics.



Looks like the masturbation and dick picture problem has move like a runaway Amway Scheme from the shores of the Brazos to every damned place in the Nation,   hell, the world.

From sea to shining sea no matter what you want to do,  answer a job,  post a job,  sell baby clothes,  sell a recliner,  look for real love,  hell,  sell car parts,  you’re going to get the most dreaded thing your mind cannot UNsnap.  The dreaded dick pick.

It’s like a dick buffet out there,  men are snapping pics of their naughty member with cell phones that some call “smart”,  I certainly don’t.  From hairy ones,  to straggly haired ones, from limp to erect to hand held,  I’m not talking about the cameras here either,  menfolks have just lost their GAWDDAMNED minds.

Ad in a little Revenge Porn or picture of some dumbshit woman’s lady parts and Craigslist has finally had enough.  Right?

Hell,  I had enough selling a Recliner.



This has absolutely nothing to do with sh*t,  I just liked it.


  1. Ill be there in a couple weeks .. please let me meet you and buy you a Big Red!

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  2. Gmail and ymail (etc) need to stop auto-display of attachments. That at least will stop you from being forced to view those unsolicited pics. Even better if they had a porn filter.

    Can someone with enough authority or influence please lobby the tech companies to implement that simple feature? They already allow turning of inline image viewing, then why not for attachments? A severe oversight…

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