Too busy to fulfill your obligation to weekend jail?   No problem.

Another weekend off for the wife of the Assistant Fire Chief,  Sherre Johnston,  who after three months of weekends in jail for DWI’s,  has taken another weekend off.  Oh, hell,  why not.


2 thoughts on “SHERRE JOHNSTON: NO SHOW 2

  1. She has some pretty serious dirt on some pretty serious people to be receiving not only the sentence she got, but to be able to come and go as she pleases at the county jail..Someone was laying up in bed with her, feeling in love with her after a little rub and tug and opened their mouth big time… Maybe it was more than one, perhaps many confessed love and felonies while having some pillow talk and cuddling. But give it to Sherre for using her venus fly trap to get the keys to the city so she can run amok and not any cops, prosecutors, or judges dare stand in her way.. It would be hard to believe except it’s Waco where madness like this is the norm..

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