DA SAYS,  “Fu*K It”  after election loss

So your lousy Waco attorney decides NOW is the time to go see the Prosecutor on your case and talk about getting the charges lowered or dismissed.  Abel is defeated and the nutless lawyers of Waco,  who have accumulated more than just a few clients angry and waiting for some resolution,  are going to the Annex to work things out.  Right?

“You could shoot a cannon through there and not hit anyone” is the order of the day.

Prosecutors who do show up are only interested in getting their resumes done and OUT so they can leave this Hell Hole we call McLennan County Justice.  Oh,  except for Amanda Dillon,  married to a US Marshall,  and prom queen of the San Antonio biker trial until next week when we think it’s Jarrett’s time in the box.  Poor Jarrett just can’t seem to find a boss that’s worth a damn and might just have to get his sunscreen and move to Palau with his former boss John Bradley.  Ooops,  maybe not,  seems the good folks of Palau don’t have much use for Bradley either and dubbed him the “Texas Rattlesnake”,  well,  that didn’t take long.

Abel is missing,  John Carroll hasn’t gotten over it and was seen renting cars at the airport still tearfully carrying a pocket pack of Kleenex.  Nutless, gutless lawyers are turning OFF their cellphones as angry clients call and scream:

“I thought you would get this thing resolved AFTER the election”


Seems there’s a lack of work ethic around the courthouse right now as everyone figures out they either have to shape up their sh*t or get the hell out.  Like rats on a sinking ship,  they’re getting out.

Let this also be a warning for all the menopausal female clerks and secretaries who seem to treat everyone like dog crap on the phone AND in person.  For those of you angry bitches working for Judges we have a message.  Look out girls,  your boss may just be next.

Justice has ground to a halt and people’s lives are still in limbo,  real limbo,  not the dance.  Time for everyone to get the hell out,  including Abelino who has just fu*ked up beyond belief.  NOT JUST THE BIKERS EITHER.

The people of Waco,  who knew Abelino was Toastino BEFORE the election are scratching their heads and wondering why these folks didn’t see this train wreck coming.  Hell, my blind and deaf Aunt in McGregor even knew this was on the way.

Butt hurt Tommy Witherspoon seems to have withered away after being called “Dirtbag” by Phil Reyna,  the alter ego of Felipe.

Can you hear it?  Listen.

“Delete, Delete, Delete”,  the sound of angry prosecutors playing in their files with no supervision,  a smile on their face,  and pissed off in their hearts as they do the best they can to screw up things before Barry Johnson steps in.

AAaaah,  Spring.




Primitive cave etching  in Palau,  where the Sun god warns the people about Michael Jarrett’s former boss,  John Bradley of Texas.




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