It comes as no surprise that the Reyna family is friends with the weekend inmate,  well, some weekends.  We also love the prayer talk,  guess they all get drunk together and leave messages threatening people on their phones.   DUMB.  Little messages on phone machines get sent to Clint Broden,  or didn’t you know that,  Felipe?  They’re going to have a party with the one you left one of the witnesses against Abel.  Can’t wait.  As far as Sherre goes,  that ship sort of sailed too,  everyone knows the SWEET deal she got and believe me,  everyone knows and knows that Abel gave her a little kiss on the lips with that one.  Truly,  this writer has never seen such out of touch people!  How could you NOT know Barry would win?  People are tired of special treatment,  and drunk wives of the rich or powerful getting away with driving totally smashed.

Advice:  stop drinking,  Barry Johnson probably won’t be kissing your ass in the future

Advice:  Alcohol isn’t doing a thing for your complexion.


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